Thursday, 31 May 2012

How To Guide : Tata Docomo 3G on Ubuntu 11.10

It's pretty straight forward and follow below steps.
1. Connect your 3G stick and boot up Ubuntu.
2. Select network connections and click on the New Mobile Broadband Connection.
3. Now select continue in the dialog box and select India as country & then click continue.
4. Now it wil show list of service providers and DON'T select "Tata Docomo" as it's for Photon+ not for 3G. Instead select, I don't know my provider option and enter "TATA DOCOMO UMTS", click continue.
5. Under billing dialog, select "My plan is not listed" option and enter "tatadocomo3g" as APN, just click confirm and save your settings.
6.  Now under Network Connections, you could see "TATA DOCOMO UMTS connection" option and you can click on it. If it doesn't connetc to internet then just unplug & then re-plug you 3G stick.
That's it, you can use Tata Docomo 3G stick with your Ubuntu 11.10 :)

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