Monday, 14 May 2012

Step By Step Instructions To Enable Clean URLs in Drupal

By default, Wamp Server doesn't support clean url feature of drupal cms.
To enable Clean URLs we need to manually edit the httpd.conf file of Apache server to support this feature.

1. Start WAMP Server. Click on the WAMP Server icon in the tray. Go to Apache -> httpd.conf as shown in the image below.
2. Find the following line in the httpd.conf file
   #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
3. Just remove the # symbol in the beginning of that line. Now it looks like in the below line.
    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
4. Now save the httpd.conf file and Restart your Wamp Server. Then open your browser and enable Clean URLs in your drupal cms.
   Enable Clean URLs From admin -> siteconfiguration.

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